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SZYDŁOWIANKA Plum in Chocolate is an amazing praline hiding inside a flavour of historical Szydłów and an excellent plum. The plum is a symbol of centuries-old local fruit-growing expertise. SZYDŁOWIANKA is also a symbol of first orchards on Polish lands planted next to royal palaces and monasteries, as in the town of Szydłów. It is also a tribute to all women of Szydłów for the effort of raising subsequent generations of local inhabitants,
A perfect combination of plum and chocolate amazes connoisseurs around the globe. SZYDŁOWIANKA is an great complement for your coffee, tea or glass of wine. There is no other praline such unique! 


Śliwka Szydłowianka

Fresh and dried fruits

Purple Valley is a brand for fresh, dried and processed fruits produced in the historical orchard region in southern Poland. Since centuries we are growing orchards here, producing excellent fruits, especially plums. We have over 45 varieties of plums today, accompanied by apples, sour cherries, apricots and blueberry – all grown with latest methods of horticulture. 

Śliwki w Czekoladzie

Our products

Our main product, besides fresh and dried fruits, is SZYDŁOWIANKA Plum in Chocolate. It is a natural dried plum (prune) covered with thin layer of desert chocolate, admired by connoisseurs in Poland and in the world. Other plum-based products in our offer include: preserves, chocolates, plum brandy and plum liqueur.   

Współpraca z Doliną Purporową

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